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Discover how the world’s wonder-material is dramatically changing corrosion control in the coatings industry.

This approved CPD not only teaches you about the science behind graphene, but also gives you background information on coatings and treatments currently used, so that you can understand the pros and cons of the different coating chemistries.

First isolated by two scientists at Manchester University in 2004, Graphene has long been hailed as the new wonder material. However, very few products have come to market yet. Behind the scenes though, in laboratories across the world, experiments and test have be going on furiously in a myriad of applications and some of the hype is now turning into reality.

One of the important areas that it has proven to have a huge beneficial effect is the treatment of corrosion. In a worlds first, as a result of years of work by Applied Graphene Materials and Alltimes Coatings, building owners are now able to benefit by improving how their steel roofs are treated for cut edge corrosion, whole roof preservation and, of course, gutter treatment and waterproofing.

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